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At the heart of Mainly Threads is a design, manufacture and print company, established back in 2014.

With inhouse design, multiple options for printing and even embroidery capabilities, we have a massive advantage over a typical sock supplier … as in the background we are diligently developing new ranges of accessories which will perfectly complement our sock designs.

As a customer of Mainly Threads this gives you, the retailer, a massive opportunity to exploit a well-trodden route to increasing sales revenue … offer a product which compliments an existing decision to buy and customers will invariably increase their spend!

Some of the new product ranges will be available in June 2023. 

From socks to hats and from t-shirts to tote bags, your customers will be able to mix and match as they plan to step out in style.

Mainly Threads is developing into one of the few UK brands delivering design match and coordination across a range of clothing and accessories for men and women.

… and with much of the Mainly Threads range (and packaging) being made from recycled, organic and sustainable materials, between us we will also be doing our bit for our beautiful planet Earth.

After all, we are evolving into Mainly Threads, no longer Mainly Socks.

We look forward to serving you.

Terry and Luke
Mainly Threads





Here's a little about our socks ...

At Mainly Threads we weave our socks with 200 needle machines, this is the highest gauge used by any manufacturer when producing socks.

This creates a higher density, finer finish than your average sock. It also means they are stronger and will last longer. The finer finish and higher density creates a  far superior sock.